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Adaugat in data de 06-07-2011

Cosmote Romania`s employees contribute to company’s sustainability by saving energy and water

Cosmote Romania`s employees contribute to company’s sustainability by saving energy and water The Green Office internal programme, launched in 2008 by COSMOTE Romania, placed the company on its way to sustainability, as it has paid dividends measurable in energy and water savings, increased quantities of materials sent to recycling and improved initiative and environmental behaviour of its employees.

Thus, in the 3 years since launch, Green Office programme contributed to the collection of 6.25 tons of waste printing paper which has been sent to be recycling. The paper consumption decreased by 16.4% in 2010 versus 2009 and by 6% in 2009 versus 2008. Also, COSMOTE sent to recycling 2.59 tons of plastic since the program started in 2008.

COSMOTE offices consumed 30% less water in 2010 versus 2009 and 12.75% less in 2009 versus 2008. Electricity consumption decreased as well in the offices, warehouses and stores, despite a slight increase of the employees’ number: 2.
2% energy saving in 2010 versus 2009 and 7.35% saving in 2009 versus 2008.

“These savings illustrate COSMOTE employees’ commitment to contribute to the reduction of natural resources consumption and act responsibly towards the future generations. Paper needs trees and many other materials to be produced, electricity needs raw materials to be generated, and water is too precious to be used in excess without being necessary. Green Office is the programme which brought to light the environment-caring side of each of us”, said Ruxandra Voda, Corporate Affairs Manager.

Starting June this year, COSMOTE employees have the possibility to bring to collection light bulbs and other lighting sources, in all Bucharest offices, in the dedicated containers operated by partner Recolamp. Since 2010, COSMOTE employees can also bring to collection electronic waste such as mobile handsets and accessories, using containers operated by Asociatia Environ, in both offices and corporate stores.

A targeted internal communication campaign is running in the company, consisting of an office caravan with pantomime moments where employees will be asked to guess components of the program, new poster and new intranet page with 2010 results and new components of the program, as well as articles in the weekly electronic and printed newsletters.

COSMOTE Romania also carefully monitors other consumption of resources in the company, such as fuel oil in the corporate car fleet and electricity in the telecommunications network. Also, the company sends to recycling excess materials from warehouses (cardboard, plastic), industrial batteries and burnt oil lubricants from base stations, used IT equipment and ink cartridges from offices.

Green Office programme is an internal program aimed at reducing, reusing and recycling the resources in the office-based activities of COSMOTE Romania. The program focuses on educating and involving the company’s employees on protecting the environment, starting with their own workplace. Company employees receive professional training on environmental protection, while collection bins have been installed in all departments, so that paper, plastic and electronic waste may be collected separately. The program involved employees in many green events and contests, such as Prima Evadare, Clean Desk Award, The Environment We Live in, Bike to the Office etc. The program is also running in the companies GERMANOS, Sunlight Filiala Bucuresti and Telemobil.

COSMOTE Romania had 6.6 million customers at March 31, 2011. Launched in 2005, COSMOTE Romania achieved the fastest network development in Europe, according to the Citigroup report in June 2007. In less than 5 years, COSMOTE Romania surpassed its competitors in terms of national network coverage. Today, COSMOTE Romania offers seamless communication to more than 99% of the population and 90% of the territory. COSMOTE Romania is a subsidiary of COSMOTE Group, the operator with the strongest presence in SE Europe with approximately 20 million customers in Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and Romania..

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