Buy gold and silver for investment in high value metals even in times of economic crisis

Since 2008, the world economy entered into an economic crisis that seems to be in W (or Ws repeated), trust companies and people in maintaining assets in certain types of assets suffered deeply. Shaking is due to falling prices in real estate - real estate was the first hit - in the past, such investments were considered a "gold mine". Euro, United States dollar, Swiss franc and local currencies of some countries had real problems, so people have gained wealth uncontrolled variations.

Precisely in this context, as always in time of crisis, investments in precious metals - gold, silver, platinum and others - seem to prove auspicious. In 2011, gold has managed to grow for the 11th consecutive year, exceeding analysts' expectations. The precious metal is found to be the safest long term investment, in spite of normal corrections for limited periods. Obviously, nothing is safe, but many analysts still bet on gold purchasing.

While gold remained an attractive investment for investors, but in the context of a diversified portfolio, that includes stocks, bonds, deposits and other investments with varied risk. Gold prices often rise just as other investments begin to falter, so succeeding balancing auspicious. Import of currency fluctuations or inflation, gold protects most of the time.

Over time, gold maintained its purchasing power as a strong currency. According to data available online, around 1900, the gold price was about 20.6 U.S. dollars / oz, equivalent to just over $ 500 / oz in the current strength of the dollar. However, currently the gold price is much higher, reaching and 3-4 times higher values, which demonstrates the power of gold on a journey of more than a century.

The gold does not depend directly on investment decisions and authorities, which often influences the rapid evolution of the stock exchange or quoted on stock exchanges worldwide. Unlike stock or a warehouse, gold can be a long term investment. Meanwhile, gold prices may be an element of speculation - buying "cheap" and sell "expensive".

Gold is a precious metal that can be bought and kept, in collaboration with some companies specializing in physical form. Thus, it becomes not only a tool for virtual investment, but an authentic, 100% valuable regardless of international contexts. Along with gold, silver can be bought and sold at any time, appealing to the world-renowned companies, available on the Internet.