Bonus Card holders will be able to pay their taxes in free instalments

Garanti Bank, one of the most dynamic and innovating banks in Romania, launches a campaign through which all Bonus Card credit card holders can pay their taxes in three instalments without interest, either at the financial administration offices through the POSs installed, or online.

Therefore, by March 31st 2013, all Bonus Card tax payments will be automatically split into three instalments without interest, no matter what type of payment the client chooses. Besides the payment at the financial administration offices, the cardholders can make their payments online on (The National Electronic System of Online Payments with a Banking Card) or on the websites of the City Halls offering this facility.

The minimum amount for which the transaction is split into free instalments is 30 RON.

„The opportunity of paying the local taxes in three instalments without interest comes to support the needs of our clients, trying to transform this stressful and busy period of the year, into a better one, by keeping our promise to the Bonus Card holders to always offer them extra facilities. As we observe a clear development of the online transactions from year to year, this campaign comes as a solution for the customers, both from time saving point of view, and optimal management of the personal financial resources”, states Eleni Skoura, Cards & Marketing Director at Garanti Bank. 

Last year, the volume of Internet payments with Bonus Card had an increase of 22.56% compared to the previous one.

Bonus Card is a unique product in Romania and the most rewarding payment tool in the market for both cardholders and merchants.

The cardholders accumulate bonus for every transaction made, both inside and outside the country and the bonus represents money that afterwards can be redeemed for free shopping in the Bonus Card partner shops network. Moreover, the clients can choose to pay in instalments without interest, based on their personal needs.

Bonus Card is present in a diversified network of partner merchants throughout the country, with more than 5,000 locations.

Garanti Bank is a universal bank, offering a complete range of quality products and innovating services for all business segments – retail, SME and corporate. Present in the Romanian market since 1998, Garanti Bank has developed a solid portfolio of clients and has also extended its national presence through agencies and alternative delivery channels, reaching an extended network of intelligent ATMs which can be used by anyone, not just clients, for transactions with or without card. Garanti Bank also innovates through the unique offers that come with Bonus Card, the most competitive card in the market.

Garanti Bank is owned by Turkiye Garanti Bankasi (TGB), the second largest bank in Turkey, in terms of assets.