Millennium Bank offers up to 6.5% annual interest rate for three-month lei deposit

Millennium Bank clients can benefit from the new Holiday Wise Deposit, which offers one of the most advantageous interest rates on the market, of up to 6.5% per year, depending on the saved amount and on the client’s option to renew the deposit. The savings product is available in lei for new funds, for all clients, both new and existing, and has a three-month maturity.

The Holiday Wise Deposit will be available until September 30th, 2013 and can be opened in Millennium Bank branches as well as via Call Center. The deposit opening and administration are free of charge and the minimum amount is 2,000 lei.

Millennium Bank’s saving portfolio includes a wide range of products, among which the Ascendent Deposit with progressive interest rate that reaches 10% per year for the sixth month, Savings account for children with 5% annual interest rate, as well as Dual Package, a saving and investment instrument, made of a three-month lei deposit with 10% annual interest rate and an investment fund with moderate risk.

The bank offers higher interest rates for both lei and euro term deposits opened through the Internet Banking service. The bonus is 0.25 pp or 0.15 pp, depending on the deposit currency and maturity and the interest rates reach 5.25% per year for lei and 3.40% per year for euro.

Millennium Bank, part of the leading financial private group in Portugal, Millennium bcp, started its activity on the Romanian market on October 11, 2007, by simultaneously opening 39 branches in Bucharest and in other eight cities of the country. The bank addresses both individuals and companies, through an extensive range of products.

Millennium bcp is Portugal's biggest private-owned bank and holds a prominent position in the financial market in Portugal – both in terms of market share and distribution network. It is also a reference institution in Europe and Africa, through its banking operations in Poland, Greece, Mozambique, Angola, Romania and Switzerland. All these operations trade under the Millennium brand.

Founded in 1985, Millennium bcp registered, at the end of March 2013, total assets worth EUR 90 billion. The group is included in key national and international stock market indices, in particular the Euronext PSI Financial Services, PSI-20, DJ Eurostoxx banks, Bebanks and Euronext 100, of the Lisbon, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam Stock Exchanges.

Millennium bcp group has a network of 1,700 units and a total of more than 20,000 employees.

The financial group provides a wide range of products and services, namely savings, investment, mortgage loans, consumer credit, commercial banking, leasing, factoring, insurance, investment banking, private banking and asset management, serving its customers on a segmented basis. Emphasis is given to the Internet Banking service, which has been distinguished in Europe for its quality and innovation.

Millennium bcp's focus is on the creation of value in markets selected on the basis of a controlled risk profile and high growth potential, to sustain its internationally-recognized service excellence and innovation in financial products.