Telekom Romania launches MagentaONE, a new commercial concept for integrated fixed & mobile services

Telekom Romania introduces MagentaONE, the new commercial concept for integrated fixed and mobile bundles addressing both residential and business customers. Romania is the third country in Deutsche Telekom Group to launch the new commercial approach for the integrated offers, after Germany and Slovakia. In Germany the number of integrated bundles customers already reached 1 million.

„Telekom Romania is an important contributor to the T worldwide family, embracing innovation and technology leadership. We are proud to be among the first countries to deliver the expertise and full abilities of the international group, now, also via MagentaONE comercial concept”, stated Nikolai Beckers, CEO of Telekom Romania operations.

MagentaONE stands for simpler communication offers, for families and businesses:

Everything in 1 place for all fixed and mobile communication needs: One Stop Shop, one Call Center, one bill, one MyAccount (including one mobile app);

10 seconds average waiting time in the call centre for residential customers of integrated fixed & mobile services, since May, 2015;

Entertainment and exclusivities on all screens (TV, tablets, laptops, smartphones).

“As the number 1 integrated provider in terms of revenues, we focus on delivering convergent services, now under MagentaONE commercial umbrella. Integrated offers are a proven success on the Romanian market and today we mark a milestone in this regard: 100,000 customers which now become part of MagentaONE world. Also, today, I am pleased to announce that we delivered on our promise to offer the best and fastest service in the call center for residential fixed-mobile customers who are now served, in average, in 10 seconds”, said Nikolai Beckers, CEO of Telekom Romania operations.

Interactive TV with new features

MagentaONE comes with a new, enhanced version of the IPTV service, providing the best TV experience on the Romanian market. The new features include:

TV Archive – all shows from the previous 7 days from selected TV channels (mainly sports and documentaries) are available in the library. Moreover, users can pause or rewind the shows
from TV Archive, as doing so in Video on Demand menu.

Record and create personal content library, including through Cloud recordings. With this new feature, users can record in Cloud favorite shows, movies and sports competitions, without needing a special storage device or a different receiver. The content will be available on all devices associated to the Telekom TV account.

Video on demand on all screens – users can chose, for a multi-screen experience, from a wide video content library (movies, documentaries), either through a pay-per-view system or via monthly subscriptions. Moreover, some  titles are available free of charge.

The new features can be viewed here. Interactive TV (IPTV) service also provides an enhanced Electronic Programs Guide with reminders for future events, gives the user the possibility to create favorite channels lists for each family member, or to watch 2 TV channels at the same time via PiP. Also, starting this summer, IPTV customers will be able to play personal content from USB devices connected to the receiver directly on TV screen. IPTV platform is part of the Telekom TV service which provides best in class multi-screen experience for its customers.

MagentaONE for residential segment: integrated bundles with 6 months free of charge for TV service

New residential customers who opt for integrated bundles can benefit of the newest promotional offer, which includes 6 months free of charge for TV service and free HD package during the same period of contract.

Thus, customers can benefit from the integrated fixed-mobile bundles available in 2 options: TV L, Internet L, fix Voice S and Unlimited Voice L (with mobile data included), at the promotional price of 110 lei / month VAT included, during the first 6 months of contract, and of 143 lei / month VAT included, starting with the 7th month for two years contract. The other option is the bundle including TV M, Internet L, fix Voice S and Unlimited Voice L (with mobile data included), at the same promotional price of 110 lei / month VAT included, during the first 6 months of contract, and of 138 lei / month VAT included, afterwards.

In addition, new TV customers with Interactive TV L have access to up to 50 HD channels, the biggest number of HD channels on the market. 20 of them are included in suplementary HD package and offered free of charge for a 6 months promotional period.

Customers in areas covered with fiber optics (FTTx) benefit in addition of multi-room TV service for all TV sets from home, and of HBO and HBO Comedy package free of charge. 23 cities of Romania are covered with fiber optics (FTTx). 

MagentaONE for business customers

For the business segment, MagentaONE reinforces Telekom’s “One Stop Shop” philosophy, which means more simplicity and convenience through a unique contact point for all the communication needs of the companies, of all sizes. With the introduction of the One Drive service from Microsoft at no additional cost, in all convergent bundles, Telekom has launched the first true convergent fixed, mobile and cloud bundle on the market, under the umbrella of MagentaONE. With this addition, all the MagentaONE business customers benefit from 1 TB of secure storage space (ISO Certified), as well as access to the online version of the Microsoft Office software.

With a large portfolio of standard dedicated business solutions already implemented, ranging from basic applications and services such as storage, antivirus, web hosting and web design, to more advanced ones such as Office365, CRM (customer relationship management), ERP (enterprise resource planning), all complemented by the flexible equipment financing options, that aims to integrate under the MagentaONE brand, Telekom is focused on simplifying the ICT processes of the customers and helping them increase the efficiency and competitiveness of their businesses.