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Adaugat in data de 26-03-2013

CEC Bank lanseaza Creditul APIA pentru finantarea capitalului de lucru - Bunastare pasari

CEC Bank lanseaza Creditul APIA pentru finantarea capitalului de lucru - Bunastare pasari

CEC Bank S.A. a incheiat cu Agentia de Plati si Interventie pentru Agricultura (APIA), Fondul de Garantare a Creditului Rural (FGCR) si Fondul National de Garantare a Creditelor pentru Intreprinderile Mici si Mijlocii S.A. (FNGCIMM) conventiile privind finantarea capitalului de lucru pentru desfasurarea activitatilor curente de catre beneficiarii Masurii 215 – plati privind bunastarea animalelor – pachetul b - pasari.

Astfel, CEC Bank a lansat creditul punte pentru finantarea capitalului de lucru, pentru desfasurarea activitatilor curente, inclusiv pentru plata obligatiilor catre bugetul de stat si celelalte bugete.

Categoriile de clienti eligibili care pot accesa aceste credite sunt reprezentate de producatorii agricoli, persoane fizice autorizate, intreprinderi individuale, intreprinderi familiale si/sau persoane juridice, grupuri de producatori recunoscute sau organizatii de producatori recunoscute, dupa caz, si care detin, cresc sau exploateaza pasari, individual sau in forme de asociere, conform legislatiei in vigoare, in scopul obtinerii productiei agricole.

Creditele se acorda in LEI, iar valoarea finantarii poate fi de pana la 80%-85% din valoarea decontului justificativ prevazuta in adeverinta eliberata de APIA, in functie de performanta financiara a clientului.

Costurile practicate in prezent de CEC Bank pentru finantarea acestor clienti sunt urmatoarele:

dobanda variabila compusa din ROBOR 3 luni plus marja intre 3 p.p. si 4 p.p., stabilita in functie de clasa de performanta financiara in care se incadreaza clientul (actualizata trimestrial in prima zi lucratoare). In prezent dobanda variaza intre 9,03% si 10,03%.

comision de gestiune de 0,35% aplicat la valoarea creditului acordat si perceput la acordarea creditului.


Rambursarea creditelor se va face integral la data primirii sumelor cuvenite beneficiarilor, dar nu mai tarziu de data stabilita in Conventiile incheiate de banca cu APIA si FGCR/FNGCIMM sau in actele aditionale ulterioare.

“Prin incheierea acestei conventii, CEC Bank sprijina in continuare producatorii agricoli, oferindu-le  conditii avantajoase de creditare si consultanta gratuita in ceea ce priveste pregatirea documentatiei de accesare a finantarilor”, a declarat domnul Radu Gratian Ghetea, Presedintele CEC Bank.

Informatii suplimentare despre acest produs de creditare pot fi obtinute in orice unitate CEC Bank, apeland gratuit Serviciul suport clienti la numarul de telefon 0.800.800.848 sau accesand site-ul de Internet al Bancii,, in cadrul sectiunii dedicate finantarilor din domeniul agriculturii.


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I applaud any comnpay for innovations. The CECT phone (aka iPhone clone) is, by most standards, a decent phone. For the price, you get a lot of features. What it is NOT… is an iPhone Clone. Sure, the case appears to look like the iPhone but it is not constructed of the same materials. It is made of an inexpensive and more brittle plastic. The touch screen is a less expensive pressure-sensitive lamination, and not the high resolution crystal glass screen with capacitive touch interface that an Apple iPhone is. Ironically, it will not interface with a MAC computer, but it will interface with most PC computers. The phone is intended to meet a low-cost, fast-market price structure. What you can expect is a Linux based, open-sourced software package that is somewhat clunky but is functional. There is no way to add or even use any externally written applications… a defining trade mark of the Apple branded iPhone.The CECT phone is not even a true PDA. It is basically a standard cell phone with a music player, video player, generic browser and picture viewer… all rolled up into a touch-screen device. Sans the touchscreen, the CECT phone will do nothing more that a Motorola RAZR. On the plus side; you get 2 batteries (and they are removable), a USB cable, Charger, a rubber skin-type case, and headphones. I would highly advise getting a screen protector… the screen on the CECT is clear plastic, not glass or crystal like the real iPhone is. This plastic screen scratches incredibly easily.As for phone performance, I must admit the call-quality is impressive. Both parties on a call have stated the sound quality is very good. The internal speaker is loud and clear. The screen is bright although a lower resolution than most PDA-style phones. The video player is stated to run mp4 compressed videos, however our testing could not get the product to play mp4 files in any configuration. This was easily fix by converting videos to the 3gp format with some small amount of compromise in video quality.The photo album worked flawlessly and was easy to navigate, however it does limit you to a 256K size on each photo. The removable 2GB SD memory card is a very flexible and welcomed touch. Apple developers could learn from the market trend where individuals what removable batteries and memory cards, a limitation still plaguing even the latest Apple iPhones. Overall, If you want a cell phone with all of the features of a Motorola RAZR plus a touch screen… in a package that reminds one of an iPhone-like appearance, then the CECT is a decent buy and is commonly available for just over $100.If you want a phone, with all of the quality, sophistication, performance and productivity of an Apple iPhone… then you would be well advised to spend the extra $75 and buying a real Apple iPhone.
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