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Adaugat in data de 12-02-2014

Libra Internet Bank deschide prima sucursala dedicate fermierilor, la Braila

Libra Internet Bank deschide prima sucursala dedicate fermierilor, la Braila

Libra Internet Bank a inaugurat oficial prima sucursala dedicata fermierilor, in judetul Braila, o zona agricola dezvoltata in care intreprinzatorii agricoli pot beneficia de sprijinul bancii pentru a accesa credite, precum si co-finantare pentru proiecte cu fonduri europene. Sucursala Libra Internet Bank Braila este situata in Calea Calarasilor nr. 51, bl. 104, parter.

Libra Internet Bank continua sa isi largeasca activitatea bancara in aria finantarii agriculturii si sprijinirii fermierilor si intreprinzatorilor din agricultura. Dupa crearea in ianuarie 2013 a unei divizii dedicate creditarii agricole, angajarea de specialisti in finantare agricola in zone cu potential ridicat si lansarea de credite agricole competitive, Libra Internet Bank ii intampina acum pe clientii braileni, in premiera, intr-o unitate special creata pentru ei.

“Ne bazam pe rapiditate in operare si in solutionarea cererilor de creditare, simplificand documentatia necesara si oferind fermierilor sfaturi financiare pertinente. Specialistii nostri in agricultura si finantare agricola inteleg in detaliu nevoile fermierilor, pentru care Libra Internet Bank este un partener pe termen lung.”, a declarat Emil Bituleanu, presedintele Libra Internet Bank.

Portofoliul Libra Internet Bank de produse bancare pentru fermieri include in prezent finantari pentru activitatea lor curenta, investitii si achizitii de terenuri, detalii putand fi solicitate la .

In sprijinul agricultorilor care doresc sa obtina fonduri europene pentru proiectele lor, Libra Internet Bank le ofera acestora consultanta si co-finantare (pentru partea nerambursabila aferenta cheltuielilor eligibile angajate pana la rambursarea banilor de la Autoritatea de Management, finantarea contributiei proprii a beneficiarului, finantarea cheltuielilor neeligibile).

Libra Internet Bank inregistreaza profit de 4 ani neintrerupt, in ciuda unei piete bancare dificile, si este participanta la Fondul de Garantare a Depozitelor Bancare din Romania, fondurile clientilor sai fiind garantate in conditiile si limitele prevazute de legea româna.


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Hi, I\'m sorry for the delay in entering my dream. Between the PsiberDreaming Conference and the full moon, demars have been taking up a lot of my attention. This is also the dream that I entered for their contest, so I am double-dip-dreaming like Sherry suggested. September 29, 2012 – Leap of FaithTitle: Leap of FaithThemes: Movement, TrustEmotions:Trust, believe, disbelief, anxietyMajor structural elements: Cliff, red leaves, bare feet.Time: During the day, storm.I dream that I am walking through the cliffs near Purgatory Chasm in Newport, RI. The leaves are all bright red in color, but the sky is a deep, swirling grey. It’s bright, but not sunny. I look down the 100 foot drop and can see the ocean tide coming in to the chasm. The bridge that is normally there has been washed away.There’s a group of college aged men are hanging out on the other side of the chasm / cliff area from where I am. They are laughing and semi-teasing a friend of theirs to run and make a flying leap over to the other side. He runs, hesitates, and wiggles his arms in a backwards motion on the very edge to prevent himself from plunging. (In the dream it reminds me of a scene in Indiana Jones movie where he must make the decision to leap across two cliffs.) This scene gives me a slight anxiety ridden feeling, thinking this is a dangerous hazing ritual.I stand next to this young man. He seems afraid, but his friends keep yelling “You can do it, you can do it”. We look at each other and decide that the best way to make this leap is to take our shoes off. We then take each other by the hand, make a running start down the hill and leap forward…(I wake up because I seem to have a falling sensation.)Post dream note, I recently watched the movie Thelma and Louise earlier in the week, where at the end the two friends drive off a cliff, so this may be some movie residual spilling over to my dream life.)Like +1
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