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Adaugat in data de 19-11-2011

Austria expands ICT investments in Romania

Austria expands ICT investments in Romania Kapsch Group takes this opportunity to announce its will to invest into a team of highly skilled professionals, in order to provide ICT dedicated solutions and services.

“In recent years, Kapsch Group succeeded into achieving significant growth, made profitable acquisitions and is ready to invest according to its clients’ strategies and demands. As you can see, Kapsch is now investing into Romania and strongly believes in the local subsidiary’s success,” said Mr. Kari Kapsch, Chief Operating Officer, Kapsch Group.

By using dedicated divisions, the Austrian company supplies ICT solutions and services for three large interest areas: enterprise clients, through Kapsch BusinessCom; intelligent transportation systems, through Kapsch TrafficCom; telecom operators and railway operators through Kapsch CarrierCom.

This morning, the Executive Management Team of the Group met Mr. Valerian Vreme, the Romanian Minister for Communications and Information Society. The Austrian delegation detailed Kapsch activity plans and strategy for Romania. The meeting was also an opportunity for bilateral discussions regarding ICT cooperation potential.

Kapsch BusinessCom operates in Romania since 2009, by providing services to Kapsch global customers with local activities. Kapsch BusinessCom is actually a meeting point for all Kapsch divisions. Initially, the Romanian subsidiary of the Austrian company will comply with Kapsch BusinessCom’s range of activities. However, activities regarding the other two divisions of the group will not be neglected. Kapsch CarrierCom is already part of different business holdings operating in Romania that take part into tenders for GSM-R railway communication networks, as components for building modern railways in the country.
Accordingly, as the Romanian road infrastructure develops, Kapsch TrafficCom is ready to take part into different intelligent transportation systems (ITS) projects to address transportation needs in the country.

“Kapsch Group constantly monitored the evolution of the Romanian ICT market. When we got the chance to put at work our business plans together with an experienced management team, we took the opportunity without hesitation. Based on the human skills of this team and benefitting from know-how transfer from inside the Group, I strongly believe that Kapsch Romania will shortly become a powerful local player and a vital growth element for the whole Kapsch BusinessCom within Central and South-East Europe,” said Mr. Franz Semmernegg, Chief Executive Officer, Kapsch BusinessCom.

Dan Roman, General Manager Kapsch s.r.l., believes that for the next three years investments will range between EUR 7 and 10 million. A good percentage of the money will go toward buying companies on the local market. In order to better answer customers’ demands, the acquisition plan considers software technology and services companies or other entities with proven competencies within Kapsch’s main fields of activity in Romania.

Kapsch is not unknown to the local market. Many global acting Austrian companies are already Kapsch clients. However, the company is open to collaborate with all customers operating on the local market that look for state-of-the-art ICT solutions and services and for an experienced and well referenced partner. When it comes to IT related projects, Romania shows an enormous potential and Kapsch Group is well aware of that.

“Kapsch addresses the local market with a mix of solutions and services. I am talking about both classical and standardized solutions, applying to a general range of customers, and innovative solutions, efficiently and rapidly solving extended niche issues for our customers. For example, we supply complex solutions for datacenters, integrated communications and security solutions, but also consultancy for IT infrastructure and applications. We also provide cloud computing solutions, Customer Relationship Management solutions; integration solutions based on Service Oriented Architectures, content and document management solutions. We offer such services both traditionally and through taking over responsibility for certain activities – outsourcing. Hopefully, the positive answer of the market to our business proposal will mean for Kapsch s.r.l. a turnover of more than EUR 15 million within the next 3 years. It would help us a lot in fulfilling one of the basic values of our mother company. Kapsch wants to become a good citizen of Romania and an important contributor to the public budget,” Mr. Roman added.

Kapsch – a different kind of an ICT company

The whole business world fully acknowledges the importance of information and data. This is why Kapsch wishes to shape its clients’ information systems so they become the most important active factor of the customer’s business.

“The business technologists” is the buzz word within modern world. They are professionals that come up with new solutions for their customers. Kapsch supports its customers’ strategies by using unique solutions and services for each and every customer.

Kapsch does not intend to be a simple solutions and services provider on the Romanian market; instead, it aims to act as an extension of its customers’ business, to be a real partner for them. Kapsch wants to act like an internal asset of its business partner.

Kapsch is a private, family business model supported by no less than 120 years of business tradition. As such, there are many differentiators that single out the company.

Kapsch is one of Austria’s most successful technology corporations, specialized in the future-oriented market segments of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Railway and Public Operator Telecommunications as well as Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Kapsch is organized as a group company with the entities Kapsch TrafficCom, Kapsch CarrierCom and Kapsch BusinessCom. As a family-owned company headquartered in Vienna, Kapsch has been dedicated to the continuous development and implementation of new technologies for the benefit of its customers since 1892. With a wide range of innovative solutions and services, Kapsch makes a valuable contribution toward responsible approaches to a mobile and networked world. The companies of the Kapsch Group employ more than 4,000 people at subsidiaries and branch offices around the world..

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