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Adaugat in data de 16-12-2011

Caelum Development - investor of ParkLake Plaza in Romania - another step forward

Caelum Development - investor of ParkLake Plaza in Romania - another step forward Caelum Development is currently developing two major shopping centres. Apart from ParkLake Plaza in Bucharest which is set to be delivered on QIV 2013, the Investor is working on Nova Park project located in Gorzów Wielkopolski. The opening date is scheduled for QI 2012.

Nova Park is situated in the very heart of LubuskieVoivodeship. Although it is one of the most dynamically developing regions in Poland, the region is still characterized by one of the lowest commercial area saturation ratio per citizen. The existing retail space in the city reaches 346 sqm/1000 inhabitants while the accepted benchmark is 600-700 sqm/1000 inhabitants.

That makes it the most attractive market for the concept of Nova Park.

NoVa Park is the largest commercial project in LubuskieVoivodeship. Thanks to the presence of long-awaited brand making their debut on the regional market, as well as due to neighboring ting road and S3 expressway, the centre will become truly regional place for shopping & leisure.

Gorzów's inhabitants are only a small part of the several million population of the Lubuskie Province, which when combined with the population of the neighboring provinces and German visitors, will provide Nova Park with a vast pool of prospective customers (total catchment area coming up to 330 000 inhabitants).

Over 140 retail units, covering 32 400sqm of GLA, will make Nova Park the biggest commercial centre in the region. What is more, the Investor holds the position of an absolute market leader, since Caelum Development is also the owner of the biggest so far retail centre – Askana Gallery with GLA of 18 000 sqm.

Carefully selected tenant-mix will provide the inhabitants with ultimately new shopping experience. Nova Park will house many global brands which were absent on the local market so far. The value of anchor tenants, such as Piotri Paweł delicatessen (the biggest Polish delicatessen chain with over 80 stores around Poland), H&M (international brand with over 2 000 stores around the world), Mediaexpert (over 250 stores with electronic gear), Pure Fitness (dynamically growing chain of fitness clubs, reaching 25 gyms in Poland), KFC (global fast food brand with 145 units in Poland so far), Intersport (international sporting goods retailer operating in 5 300 units worldwide), Rossmann (the biggest beauty supplies network in CEE with over 600 stores in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Rep.) , Smyk (childern’s accessories corporation with a portfolio of 120 units in Poland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine &Turkey), Deichmann (international shoe chain operating in 22 countries with over 200 units in Poland)is priceless.

Tenant-mix consists of global clothing brands such as H&M, Kappahl, New Yorker, Cubus, C&A, diversified restaurant offer, e.g. KFC, Akropolis Bistro, Asia Express, Café Club as well as leisure with the most modern Pure Fitness Club. That only confirms the strength of the project and emphasizes the fact that there is still a place on regional market for Nova Park.

Moreover, for the convenience of shoppers there will be a free parking with 910 car spaces.

Currently, Nova Park is entering the finishing stage. Construction works had been ended up on the 21st September, being celebrated with a traditional topping out ceremony. Architecture of the centre is characterized with a big-surface glass roof which brings a lot of daily light into the centre, creating comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for the visitors. Nova Park is being built up-to-date with temporary trends on the retail market. Wide corridors, customer-friendly navigation, modern digital signage are additional benefits for the shoppers.

On September 21st, according to tradition, a topping out ceremony has been conducted to mark the end of construction works at the NoVa Park Shopping Center. The ceremony has been attended by Mayor of Gorzów Wielkopolski TadeuszJędrzejczak, representatives of the investor on the part of Caelum Development and Futureal as well as officials representing tenants and companies involved in the investment process as well as the media. So far, 3 700,80 tons of reinforcing steel have been delivered to the building site and 35 180,55 m3 of concrete has been used inside the construction which would be enough to build over 5 km of motorway.

NoVa Park Shopping Centre is an extremely attractive project for Gorzów and for the region, which married trade with entertainment, provides new jobs, revitalizes and changes Zawarcie district and makes a perfect place for becoming successful in business.

NoVa Park Shopping Centeris also a perfect place for achieving success in own business. In order to meet the needs of local entrepreneurs, the investor has created franchising centre. Agnieszka Tomczak-Tuzińska,Marketing Director at Caelum Development, says: “We are providing many lucrative and interesting offers of companies looking for partners to run a commercial unit inNoVa Park but this is notthe end of our part. We enable contact and provide interested companies or individuals with our help in starting business talks with the licensor company. Our helping hand, together with Nova Park’s potential as well as possibilities given by
a popular trademark, are an ideal starting point for success”.

NoVa Park Shopping Centre is a complementary project for Gorzów and for the region, which married trade with entertainment, provides new jobs, revitalizes and changes Zawarcie district and makes a perfect place for becoming successful in business.

The project is being under development by two cooperating leading Europeanr real-estate Investors – Caelum Development and Futureal. Consortium of Warbud SA and Mercury Engineering is holding the position of general contractor in this biggest region-wide commercial centre. Commercialization is being carried out by the investor - Irish investment group Caelum Development, together with Jones Lang LaSalle and has already reached the level of 80%.

Caelum Development is an Irish Investment Group established in 2002 by a group of private Irish investors who have a 10-year experience in the real estate market. Caelum, with its headquarters in Warsaw, operates in Central-Eastern Europe, especially in Poland, but also in Romania. Caelum Development investment portfolio includes such projects as GaleriaAskana (Gorzów Wielkopolski), Galeria Młyńska (Racibórz), Wratislavia Center (Wrocław), GaleriaWisła (Płock). The biggest project carried out by the Caelum Development team is a multipurpose commercial and entertainment ParkLake Plaza complex in Bukarest, Romania (of a total surface area of 180 000 sqm.).

Futureal is a leading real estate developer and investor in Central-Eastern Europe based in Budapest. Futureal is a family owned enterprise with an exceptional team of over 100 real estate professionals. It runs developing activities with regard to commercial, office, residential as well as mixed use premises in Hungary, Romania and Poland. The value of investments currently carried out by the Group exceeds 1.6 million Euro and deals with over 6,000 flats and apartments as well as more than 500,000 sqm of commercial space. The flagship project undertaken by Futureal is Corvin Promenade in Budapest, Hungary, being the biggest revitalization urban project in entire Central-Eastern Europe..

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