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Adaugat in data de 03-12-2011

Santa Claus comes from Cosmote this year - two attractive promotions

Santa Claus comes from Cosmote this year - two attractive promotions Cosmote Romania welcomes the winter time celebrations with a brand new contest for prepaid customers and two very attractive promotions, one for prepaid customers and one for the mobile internet users.

Thus, starting today, COSMOTE Romania’s customers will get 3 times more internet traffic included in the Connect Now EVDO tariff plan.

Moreover, all prepaid consumers will have a month full of surprises:

the opportunity to win one of the 31 Samsung Galaxy S2 handsets (one for each day the ‘Presents’ Month’) in the contest, simply by activating an extra option.

50% additional benefits for 3100 extra option

a new month with special prizes, as part of Smiley’s Garage Sale promotion

Thus, starting November 30th, Connect Now EVDO tariff plan includes 9GB of data broadband traffic, instead of 3GB of traffic, as before. The promotion is available until January 9th 2012. COSMOTE Romania currently offers high speed EVDO internet coverage for 88% from the population.

Regarding the new contest, the mechanism for winning one of Samsung Galaxy S2 handsets offered daily for the entire December month is simple. In order to enter the competition, all Cartela Vibe users and the other users of voice COSMOTE cartela’s have to activate or reactivate one of the extra options,an on-top option or one of the Connect Mobile options from COSMOTE portfolio. Thus they enter the competition, while enjoying all the benefits included in their extra options.
Each euro credit consumed for the activation of the extra option or the On Top option in one day represents one chance for winning the handset of the day.

The winners will be selected in 4 lucky draws, the first winners being selected on December 8th. All details regarding the contest regulations are available at

Moreover, between November 30th - January 9th, 2012, with prolonging possibility, COSMOTE increases with 50% all the benefits included in the 3100 extra option, keeping the tariff unchanged. Thus, starting November 30th, users activating the 3100 extra option can now benefit of 150 national and international minutes or national SMSes, 150 MB mobile data traffic, 4,500 minutes or SMSes in Cosmote and 4,500 minutes for calls towards Romtelecom’s fix network.

For example, by activating the 3100 extra option, the Cartela Vibe customers enjoy 50% additional benefits and also have 6 chances (as per 6 euro credit monthly fee) in the lucky draw for winning the Samsung Galaxy S2 of that day.

In addition, Smiley’s Garage promotion, continues in December too, with special prizes, in the spirit of Christmas. All voice COSMOTE prepaid customers who recharge minimum 5 euro in the period December 1st 2011 – January 8th 2012 have the opportunity to win a Pimped Horse Sledge or other 10 unique prizes from the star’s garage, all related with winter holidays.

More details on the Regulations of the promotion are available at

Thus, by recharging and activating extra options, the prepaid customers can enter in two competitions, one for winning special products from Smiley’s Garage and one for winning a latest generation handset, a Samsung Galaxy S2.

Cosmote Romania had 6.5 million customers at September 30, 2011. Launched in 2005, COSMOTE Romania achieved the fastest network development in Europe, according to the Citigroup report in June 2007. In less than 5 years, COSMOTE Romania surpassed its competitors in terms of national network coverage. Today, COSMOTE Romania offers seamless communication to more than 99% of the population and 90% of the territory. COSMOTE Romania is a subsidiary of COSMOTE Group, the operator with the strongest presence in SE Europe with approximately 20.4 million customers in Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and Romania..

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I had no idea how to approach this beorfe-now I'm locked and loaded.
You're the greatset! JMHO
An intelligent answer - no BS - which makes a plaenast change
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